28 September 2013

*!:{[%CuteStoreName%]}:!* and other annoyances

I was digging through my inventory a while ago looking for some clothes I'd picked up. I knew what the store name and item name was, but I couldn't find the item itself. I had to resort to slogging through a stack of results returned by inventory search.

I have no idea why vendors insist on giving their items in inventory cute names with all sorts of special characters around them. It makes life more difficult for their customers. Yes, I know organizing one's inventory is a tedious chore. I know that damned few people do it, especially when compared to the large number of people who say they're going to do it or need to do it or get halfway through ti and quit doing it.

But making it basically impossible to find the vendor's name without knowing which sets of cute special characters they wrapped their store name in this week (yes, they do change, which just makes the problem worse) doesn't help. It just means that you have to look and look and look, manually.

Lokii Violet is a good friend (even if she does have an unhealthy attachment to flamingos! :3 ) who owns a store named Malfean Visions. Good stuff, and reasonably priced. But I sincerely wish she'd not gone with :{MV}: as her store tag. Gah.

To make matters worse, Jaimie Earst turns things around. At least if the store name comes first, once you find it, you've found everything else that vendor makes...but not Jaimie. Her stuff is named *item by Jaimie Earst. That means that it's scattered around everything else where the vendor used a * for decoration.

Why do vendors feel the need to get cute like this? I wish they'd stop.