08 February 2011

Where I've been hiding

I was moved to post the last post by annoyance about FUD from a Viewer 2 partisan, trying to convince version 1-based users to switch so they wouldn't ruin others' SL experience. It took something liek that to get me motivated to write here again.

Where have I been hiding?

Mainly, I've been heads down working on Firestorm. By now, the initial preview release of Firestorm is out and available for folks to try. It's only a preview, and those who try it should keep firmly in mind there's a long way to go yet. Many of the most popular features from Phoenix, like the radar and AO, simply aren't there yet.

Nevertheless, if you want to see where we're going, check it out. To find out more, join the Phoenix-Firestorm Preview Group inworld. That's where you'll find support for it, and the notice with the notecard that has the download links and a link to Jessica Lyon's video explanation of what's in it. Please be sure to watch the video first.

Now, back to beating on the code...

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