15 February 2015

Thrown out of paradise

A good friend of mine is currently spending time as a bane. He may be the last bane in Marine Kelley's program, as it's been shut down, but he's still sealed into his banesuit. He's serving a 96-hour sentence that's grown by about 8 hours' worth of penalties, and he's about 44 hours in.

Needless to say, he's been spending a lot of time sitting around, enjoying the scenery. He'd settled on the spectacular sims that make up the Calas Galadhon park as being wonderful places to hang out. He even wanted to contribute to the park, so he donated L$5000 to its upkeep. This is his second sentence, and he spent most of the first there, as well.

This afternoon, though, he was informed that he wasn't really welcome at Calas Galadhon. One of the owners there asked him to stay away from places where others might want to enjoy the park, and that while the sims weren't designed for role-play, the owner would let it go as long he was somewhere out of the way.

I know all this because the conversation was routed through me. My friend contacted me outside SL, since as a bane he's thoroughly locked down with RLV, and I spoke with the owner on his behalf.

My friend isn't sure what he did to cause the problem, but he's decided to stay away from Calas Galadhon so as not to cause any more problems than he already has. He's looking for other places to hang out where he won't get run off.

Speaking for myself...I've long thought Calas Galadhon was one of the jewels of SL. The builds are spectacular, and obviously a labor of love. The owners have poured their heart and soul, as well as a highly nontrivial amount of money, into those sims, and it's their right to run them as they choose.

Still, I'm a bit disappointed that my friend feels unwelcome there...

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  1. Such a tricky problem this. While my periods in a bane suit are always much shorter than your friend's I'm always very cautious and careful about where I go, and in being so I always find it odd that I am so cautious given that a bane suit is just about the least "adult" (for want of a better word) look you can have (to anyone who isn't familiar with the story or the background it must surely just look like some sort of scifi outfit).

    I hope he finds someone more welcoming and accepting to spend the rest of his sentence.

    While we're just the one sim (so hardly the scope to wander that the place mentioned above affords), and while only part of it is "public", he's more than welcome on Raven Park if he needs a change of scenery and someone to sit and relax. We love seeing banes around the grid.